Our Mission

We grow, harvest and infuse traditional plants into candles, mists and melts. Our natural ingredients and Mother Earth-friendly packaging is what makes us different from the others, and our customers would agree. It makes a difference to know where the medicines came from. To ensure authenticity and quality. 

We grow our own sage and sweetgrass, harvest, and work with them closely and respectfully. Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) is highlighted on our products, along with the history and importance of the plants. 

Candles and scented bars are normally made using paraffin wax (petroleum) and artificial fragrance. We use natural ingredients such as soy wax, pure essential oils, natural fragrances and the traditional medicines. 

When I began my journey on the red road the medicines were vital to my recovery. The business created a safe place to experience the plants in non-traditional settings. Which kept the gate-open for true healing. And that is our ultimate mission; to keep the gate-open for others to learn, experience, and heal.