Who We Are

We combine traditional knowledge with the modern lifestyle. Reflective of the traditions and values of the Anishinaabe people. We are Mother Earth-friendly and all-natural. Largely based on the traditional teachings of the anishinaabe; 4 sacred medicines, and 7 grandfather teachings.

Plants are traditionally grown, harvested and treated with respect and methods which have been used since time immemorial. We then infuse the plants into our candles, mists and melts. For anyone to enjoy, at any time. 

We use natural remedies from Turtle Island (North America), making it a unique product that is relatable and ideal to women and men. Our biodegradable packaging also encourages less environmental impact on nature, which is a core value of all Indigenous peoples. Indigenously Infused also educates; not only with the ingredients, the plant material, and traditional practices. Along with the history and current voices of the Indigenous people. Anishinaabemowin is also highlighted on our packaging, a revival of our language. 




Aaniin! My name is Robyn, and I am the creator of Indigenously Infused. I hand-pour every one of the candles and melts, to the design and packaging. These sweet smells are one of my many passions; I am also a mother and teacher, and student of the language & teachings. Miigwetch for taking the time to visit, and read a little about myself and Indigenously Infused.