Sweetgrass Melts
Sweetgrass Melts

Sweetgrass Melts

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Our all natural wax melts are created using all natural soybean wax and pure essential oils or fragrance oils. Sweetgrass is traditionally collected and added to our melts. Enjoy a pure essence of sweetgrass , without the added chemicals!

Mother Earth friendly - Our packaging is reusable and our tags are made of plantable seed paper!

Available in 2oz or 4oz packaging. 

Mashkiki means medicine in anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe). The plants around us are living beings, with gifts and purpose. Like us. We can learn a lot from them, and also welcome them in helping us. 

The 4 Sacred Medicines to the Anishinaabe are tobacco, cedar, sage & sweetgrass. These plants were specifically given to us by creator, to assist us in our journey. 

At Indigenously Infused, we grow the traditional medicines and teach their significance. We then harvest and infuse the plants into our products. 

Check out some of our plants in the gallery below.

White sage
Sweetgrass and sage

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